Commercial Diving Services‭ (‬CDS‭), ‬together with its Middle Eastern partner Qatar Marine‭, ‬offers a broad range of under-water and‭ ‬marine engineering solutions guaranteed by over 20‭ ‬years of experience in the field of oil and gas‭, ‬civil engineering‭, ‬harbour construction and inspection diving‭, ‬both in Italy and worldwide‭. ‬The Qatar division was set up in 1997‭ ‬and since its inception has successfully undertaken and performed a number of prestigious marine projects with international construction companies and government organisations‭.


Diving, Salvage & Marine  

CDS was set up in the year 2000‭ ‬in Sardinia‭, ‬Italy‭, ‬providing specialised services to the oil and gas and submarine cable industry‭, ‬as well as diving support to underwater archaeology projects and general inspection and construction services to port authorities and shipping companies‭.‬

CDS offers a complete range of diving and under-water engineering support services for shallow water operations as well as for off-shore deep water construction needs‭, ‬both in the Mediterranean and in the Arabian Gulf area‭.‬

In order to perform such highly specialised operations‭, ‬CDS employs qualified HSE and IMCA certified diving personnell and utilizes cutting edge underwater and surface engineering equipment‭. ‬This has allowed us‭ ‬to successfully perform complex under-water engineering tasks for premier organisations like Qatar Petroleum‭, ‬QAFAC‭, ‬QVC‭, ‬Q-Chem‭, ‬Qatar Electricity and Water Company‭, ‬including the prestigious QAFCO 4‭ ‬sea water intake and outfall lines installation project‭.‬

Since 2006‭ ‬CDS has taken a keen interest in the ever growing submarine cable industry‭, ‬providing services to TERNA spa‭, ‬EDF‭ ‬and Prysmian Powerlinks‭, ‬some of the biggest players in‭ ‬the power and communication cable market worldwide‭. ‬We can provide both specialized fast response survey and diving services for emergency repair operations and full turnkey solutions including shore approach assistance‭, ‬pre-lay and post-lay surveys‭, ‬cable trenching and anchoring‭.‬

Marine Salvage is also another area of expertise that we have developed over the years‭, ‬starting with small crafts and fishing vessels salvage in the 90s and quickly evolving into more articulated offshore decommissioning and wreck removal operations has allowed our staff to be so competent to be‭ ‬contracted‭ ‬

first by SMIT Salvage and then by TITAN Salvage for the lengthy and complex Costa Concordia wreck removal operations‭.‬

We supplied Surface Supply Diving Equipment‭, ‬Diving Supervisors‭, ‬Divers ROVs and Pilots to the project since SMIT’s very first debunkering operations in February and March 2012‭, ‬all the way throughout TITAN’s‭ ‬“Parbuckling Project”‭, ‬sponsoon installation‭, ‬partial and final refloat‭, ‬all the way until the wreck was delivered to the SAIPEM shipyard in Genova in July 2014‭. ‬Our staff‭ ‬was actually still onboard the Concordia as she was docked at the Genova Containership Terminal manning and maintaining the sponsoon ballasting system‭, ‬actively taking part in the delicate hand-over procedures to the yard Engineers and Project Managers‭.‬

CDS can now provide highly skilled personnel and specialized equipment for both fast response salvage operations and longer wreck removal projects‭, ‬from its base in North Sardinia‭, ‬right in the middle of the Western Mediterranean sector‭.‬

It is our company’s policy to employ local manpower whenever possible‭, ‬especially during operations from the Sardinia base‭, ‬in compliance with the‭ ‬local Coast Guard and Port Authorities’recommendations and regulations‭.‬

CDS diving operations are conducted in accordance with‭ ‬UNI 11366‭ ‬Health and Safety in Diving and Hyperbaric Professional Activities Operational Procedures 06/2010

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